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The Digital-Label is an elastomeric label that becomes one with the rubber base it is being applied on during the vulcanization process. This digital information marking has been developed especially for a long-time usage of the elastomeric articles and is well established for years now. The rubber products will have therefore a distinct code and will become unique as well as noninterchangeable.


Elastomeric industry: Marking for during the vulcanization process
Operation: very durable, longlasting marking of a digital code information on all conventional elastomeric articles possible
Colors: color scale (Pantone, HKS, RAL)
Color matching: shiny/mat
Rubber definition: suitable for all popular ruber products (raw material is recommanded to be tested in advance)
Size: min: 10x10mm – max. 600x400mm (depending on demand)
Form: sigle cut or shaped into form
Thickness material: 0,6 mm
Vulkanisation: between 100 – 190°C
Shelf life: 5 years
Adhesion/Abrasion: very good, excellent till 3 years
Storage: 20+/-5 °C (68 +/-5 °F), dry, dark areas
Package: according to your instructions
Extra: optional self-adhesive
Codes: all popular digital-codes for e.g. 2/5 interleaved, code 128, datamatrix, QR-code
Digits: 1 to xx digits, consecutive number




  1. Define and clean ground area
  2. When necessary take off the protection paper from the backside of the Digital-Label
  3. Apply the Digital-Label on the rubber surface so that the marking is to be seen
  4. Operate the Vulkanisation with defined parameters. Ready!


Characteristics & Advantages
Base material Special-developed digital rubber label, that assures a 100% traceability and becomes one single part with the elastomeric product if applied accordingly. The well-established transmission system during the vulcanization process can be used for all common rubber articles.
Customer individual product The Digital-Label is thanks to the digital code-in- formation a 100% certainty for the traceability and warranty of your product. The code becomes one with the elastomeric product and cannot be removed anymore.

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