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tire sticker Fixette seriplastica
The Fixette® is a transfer marking especially designed for rubber and is applied after the vulcanization. During a hot-pressing process the color transfers permanently onto the cured rubber product. Specially developed material and color ensure a standardized, speedy and reliable application. Optimal transfer as well as excellent durability are the stand-out characteristics of this product. The Fixette® is developed by working closely together with the manufacturer and taking into account the process parameters required by the specific area of application. In this way ideal results can be ensured.
Mepolettes can be used for the rapid, simple and decorative labeling of finished rubber products. The highly elastic, rubber peel-off label is applied onto the rubber product without the use of any accessories and adheres to the product by way of a special adhesive.
Tire Stickers
Show your colours with our Seri Plastica TireTattoo! You don't need any tools for the fast and easy application, a special adhesive lets the TireTattoo stick to your tire strongly. Add that special, individual touch to your car!

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tire sticker Mepolette seriplastica
Digital Labels
tire sticker DigitalLabels seriplastica
The digital label is a rubber label which becomes one with the rubber surface onto which it is applied. This digital marking has been developed for lasting application and is durable for many years. In this way the rubber product receives an individual marking which makes it uniquely identifiable.
Specials (single solutions)
Our products are always as special as the tires they mark. We provide individual solutions for the marking of your tires. With our many years of experience and wide-ranging production capabilities, we are able to put your "specialty" into action. Individual solutions could be, for example, unique sets of letters or a label with a semi-permanent protective paper. We are ready and willing to be your development partner and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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tire sticker Specials seriplastica dicals tire

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