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The Fixette® is a transfer marking, especially designed for rubber, to be used after the vulcanization. During a hot pressing process the color transfers permanently into the cured rubber product.


Elastomeric article: Labelling of finished rubber products
Operation: highly-qualified special marking for the rubber industry and very fast and automated application process, with an excellent durability
Colors: color scale (Pantone, HKS, RAL)
Color matching: matt
Rubber definition: applicable on all popular elastomeric types – material tests are recommended- for e.g. SBR, EPDM
Transfer parameters: 320°F - 356°F (160°C - 200°C) — 10 - 20 sec. — 3 - 4 Bar
Length for roll: Endless-customized on the clients’ production process, with Scanner Marks
Length for sheet: min. 4 inches, max. 55 inches
Width for sheet:  till 20 inches and bigger till maximum 47 inches – depending on the clients’ requirements
Backing material: foil 75μm / 0,0029’’
Transfermaterial: ca. 20μm / 0,00078’’
Durability: min. 1 year
Adhesion / Abrasion: good to very good
Storage: dry, dark areas
Delivery form: roll = endless, sheet = width x length, pierced into form
Package: according to customer instructions
Extra: The application is suitable for the following industries: Motorsport, Automotive, Industrial, Sports and Leisure




  1. Define area (clean, dry, siliconefree) on the rubber (tire or elastomeric article)
  2. Place the Fixette® with the color layer to the rubber into the defined area
  3. Process with defined parameters perform.
  4. Pull off the backing from the warm rubber of the finished label.


Characteristics & Advantages
Material Special developed material and color for a standard, fast and process reliable application. The optimal characteristics like transfer and durability, distinguish this product from others.
Customer individual product The Fixette® is being developed individually during different process parameters for each field of application. This way it is assured, that all its elements generate ideal results.

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